About Us
About Us

Meet Two N. We are a small family company from Belgrade, where we have transferred all our knowledge and skills acquired through many years of experience in the wood industry. Our focus is on creating a unique environment for living, playing and learning because we know the design challenges first hand.

At our small Two N business, we strive to provide customers with four important qualities: sustainability, durability, affordability and great service.


In the beginning, there was an idea dictated by one's own needs. We wanted to give our children a different experience of the space they live in, with elements that are not only aesthetic but also functional. Without a clear business plan in our pocket and ambitions to conquer the market, we started making the first shelves and wooden lamps. The machine slowly warmed up and the interest in our products grew day by day.

In today's world, it is not easy to create original things for children, because the market is flooded with thousands of plastic and loud wonders that are thrown into the corner in two minutes. We believe that children should be surrounded by things that are natural and beautiful, with soul and history. Made of wood, our products are not only durable but also make the space come alive.

We try to make what we create always unique, and we draw ideas from everything that surrounds us. Many of our projects are also created through collaboration with our clients. This is also the magic of a small company, the dedication and individual approach we can provide to every customer.

Magic happens every day in our small factory. Handmade items are created that can transform any room and provide hours and hours of great fun. It is a place where love is woven into every product, where idea follows idea and real gems are made.

Two N